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A few weeks back, we announced our partnership with Dash Language School, and today we bring an exciting news for students at Dash Language School.

Dash Language School is offering you an opportunity to study in Spain with the collaboration of her partners, they are offering a comprehensive program in hospitality and catering. The courses are all conducted in English meaning you have no need to worry if you are not a Spanish speaking intending student.

What you should know

·   Upon completion of your study, you will be provided with employment opportunity alongside assistance in obtaining visa.

·   2-month and 4-month courses are available for €8,000, 6-month course is priced at €10,000+ and a 1-year course fee is €14,000.

·   Because 6 months course is required for visa issuance, admission letter and contract will indicate a 1-year duration to expedite visa approval.

·   You are not paying any fees until admission letter and contract has been issued, there is nothing as ‘‘no refund of money after payment.’’ This means prospective students can only proceed with payments once they have the funds in their account.

·   Payment to the school is made within 7 days after issuance of visa.



For booking appointments: You need a valid international passport.

For Spanish embassy appointments (necessary for visa issuance):

A valid international passport.

1-year health insurance coverage.

A certificate of no criminal records.

A health certificate from a medical check-up.

Proof of funds amounting to €3,500 for sustenance in Spain.

Basic educational certificates or qualifications.

Admission and employment contract from the school.

Accommodation details (included with the admission and school contract).

We are here for you: We at Macklemore Solutions can help you with all your travel arrangements for this study; we can help prepare you to meet up with all the requirements if you will just give us a call now.