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In line with his dream of seeing Africa thrive in the world of business particularly in Fashion and ICT, the CEO of Macklemore Solutions Mr. Micah Elechi will be attending the Birth of a Nation Global Peace Summit due for August 18th-25th this year in Atalanta, Georgia.

The event is a forum to bring business in Africa to life by appraising the predominant and ample opportunities for African entrepreneurs, the challenges of entrepreneurship and how to navigate them.

Mr. Micah as one of the speakers for the summit, is expected to talk about entrepreneurship in Africa including his giant strides and exploit in the fashion business.

Mr. Micah Elechi is a young and dynamic magnate with growing imprints in ICT and fashion industry, He began the fashion journey at the age of 10 during which he learnt making of cloths with the use of needle and thread. He has a good taste for fashion, and intentional about outfits.

He is a philanthropist and one who motivates and ensures young African entrepreneurs emerge by offering numerous supports opportunities.